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The following additional add-ins are available:

Solution Build Environment for Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008

The Solution Build Environment add-in uses a new file called SolutionName.slnenv residing in the same directory as the solution to provide build environment variables tailored to a given solution file.  .slnenv stands for "solution environment."  The Solution Build Environment add-in executes this file at solution open time and before the start of each build, resetting the build's environment variables accordingly.

The latest source code can be retrieved by following the directions at

Download the Solution Build Environment 1.30 add-in setup.
Download the Solution Build Environment 1.30 source code.
Read the Solution Build Environment documentation.

Fast Solution Build for VS .NET (C/C++ projects only)

The transition from Visual C++ 6 to Visual Studio .NET resulted in multi-project solutions building quite a bit slower than their Visual C++ 6 counterpart workspaces.  This appears due to very slow visual "dependency checking" for every project of the solution.  This add-in is the solution to that problem.

Fast Solution Build emulates the Visual C++ 6 build style, in that it only builds those projects with changes.

New in Version 2.20 is support for incremental linking a multi-project solution.  Visual C++ does not seem to support incremental linking when a file in a library project has changed.  In fact, when examining the output after turning on the verbose linker output, it appears to be nearly identical to a full link.  Fast Solution Build enables incremental linking support for all projects in the solution.  It is amazing how quickly links perform when they are incremental.

See the Known Issues and Known Bugs sections of the documentation for additional details around the conditions where multi-project incremental linking works.


  • Quickly identifies and builds just those C++ projects that have changed files.  It does this using built-in automation functionality.
  • If an error occurs during the build of a project, the build shuts down immediately.  The rest of the solution projects do not continue building.
  • The equivalent of Debug.Start is available through the Run Active Project command.  Unlike Debug.Start, a slow full solution dependency check is not performed.
  • If a debug session is active, the user is prompted to shut down the debug session before the build starts.
  • Version 2.20: Adds availability of the incremental linker when a library project in a solution changes.

Download the Fast Solution Build 2.20 add-in setup.
Download the Fast Solution Build 2.20 source code.
Read the Fast Solution Build 2.20 documentation.

If needed, the older Fast Solution Build 2.10 add-in setup is available.

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